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Adultification Bias

End Adultification Bias


Why black girls are targeted for punishment at school


Adultification Bias in #BlackAf

Sexual Abuse

Learning Module 7: Sex Trafficking/Commerical Sexual Exploitation

Schools for Girls of Color Learning Network Webinars and Trainings

Visit the Schools for Girls of Color Learning Network Resources page to watch the full version of the videos below. It’s free to join if you’re not a member.

Preview: Introduction to Schools for Girls of Color

Preview: Youth-Led Restorative Practices Training (Part 1)

Preview: Youth Led Restorative Practices Training (Part 2)

Preview: Practical Tools as Alternatives to School Discipline

Preview: Sex Trafficking of Girls of Color

Preview: ACES 101

Preview: Sexual Harassment of Girls of Color

Preview: Responding to Black Survivors of Sexual Violence

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Resources from Across the Field

The City of Columbus City Council Commission on Black Girls

A Report on the Quality of Life of Black Girls in Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Monique W. Morris

Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools

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NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Family Engagement and Learning in the Time of COVID-19 and Remote Learning, and Always

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We provide a vital resource to members of school communities: Schools for Girls of Color Learning Network. This secure platform allows school superintendents, teachers, and others to learn from experts across the country about trauma-informed approaches for girls of color, and to engage in peer-to-peer learning. Join today to gain vital information about how to improve your schools’ connections to girls of color. Login or Apply today.

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